SHANGHAI Xintiandi -- Unique idea: Yesterday, tomorrow, meet today

CJW Shanghai Xintiandi was reconstrcted throughout a major site of the Chinese Communists site alterations. Based on the modern architecture in Shanghai logo - the old Shikumen architecture area, with a business function, this piece reflects the history and culture of Shanghai old house transformed into a set of international standards, catering, shopping, entertainment and other functions of fashion, leisure, culture and entertainment.

Walking in the new heaven and earth, as if the clock turned back, such as exposure in the twentieth century, the thirties Shanghai. A step into the inside of each building is very modern and fashionable.....Experience the unique concept of a new heaven and earth.

Holistic concept

Since 2002 CJW Shanghai Xintiandi opened with authentic Italian American meals, live jazz performances, wine and cigar entertainment and also an elegant environment. We bring a pluralistic recreational space and multiple enjoyment for modern, city people.

On the second floor is a cigar lounge. Ranging from different sizes of the decks. Lighting and sofas throughout the lounge are mainly in red and yellow, for creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Walls hung with portraits of Prime Minister Winston Churchill and the Cuban Revolutionary Hero, Mr. Castro. There are fine selected wines from various countries and the top cigars in Cuba.

Refined decoration, ingenuity and unique dining entertainment culture makes CJW becoming the best choice of fashionable people, overseas institutions, international brands, business receptions, private weddings and parties.

Activities held in CJW Xintiandi including Lin Yilun, and other famous artists’ new conferences, puma's new conference, lots of company’s' annual meetings, cocktail parties, etc.

CJW Xintiandi hires professional international jazz performers, with interpretations of jazz, soul, Blues, R & B and funk for a variety of musical styles. Sometimes lazy, sometimes fast rhythm, the music adds a warm atmosphere, making the guests of honor more cheerful.

Show time:
Sunday to Thursday: 20:45pm – 00:20am
Friday to Saturday: 20:45 pm – 01:15 am


The main cabinet: Mr. Huang

Mr. Huang Zhen has more than 10 years of experience in western cuisine, and has followed the international chefs to learn cooking with professionalism. He served as chef, Assistant Executive Chef and other duties, familiar with cost accounting and control, internal management operation, etc. An expert in Western cooking, new product development, manufacturing all kinds of steak and French cuisine. One of the most proficient is in Italian cuisine and popular western style fast food.

Cjw Xintiandi provides American Italian meals including pasta, Hamburg and all kinds of steak and seafood, also many kinds of hors d'oeuvres for your selection. While enjoying our hand-picked food you can listen to the wonderful jazz performance.
CJW Xintiandi provides fine wine from France's top five wineries. Red wine, white wine, champagne, and a variety of special cocktails, whiskey, brandy, beer etc, of the new world. Please enjoy selected fine wines while listening to wonderful music.
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